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Nidek CEM-530 Specular Microscope

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Original price was: $11,200.Current price is: $7,820.
Select a hexagonal reference pattern that is similar to the cell size and drag it onto the cell to be analyzed. This method is effective for rough identification of the size and dimension of the cells. All three manual analysis methods can be performed on the same image and on auto-analyzed images. The versatility of combining automated and manual analysis on the same image allows for better clinical interpretation of the diverse range of pathology in a comprehensive practice

Nidek OPD-Scan III Corneal

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Original price was: $10,278.Current price is: $6,980.
The autorefractometer provides accurate refractions under mesopic and photopic conditions—data that may be important for planning refractive surgery or analyzing common refractive problems. The autokeratometer, in addition to standard keratometric measures such as simulated K, also provides novel corneal surface descriptors, such as average pupil power and effective central corneal power, which can aid in calculating IOL power for eyes after refractive surgery
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