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2018 HydraFacial MD Tower Elite

In addition, to work with the machine, the optional peels and serums (added on for an upcharge) that can be administered during a treatment must be purchased through the Hydrafacial company.  The prices and options are fixed based on whatever skin care company Hydrafacial is contracting with at the time.  This means that the provider’s choice of “correctives” (serums) are not only very limited, but they will also drive the price of treatment even higher.

The technology and products themselves (exfoliation, light chemical peels and nourishing serums) are not expensive, but the money put into advertising and packaging has been.  Hydrafacial has to make the money back somewhere and that somewhere is your pocketbook.


2018 HydraFacial MD Tower Elite De-bunking the hype:

What about the “rosy glow” people talk about?

It’s real. Clients do see an immediate “glow” to their skin post-facial.  However, it is temporary.  It is a result of the suction from the vacuuming process bringing good blood flow to the skin and will last a few hours.  You can get the same effect from a workout or brisk walk.  If a patient receives the peel portion, that process can give a lovely glow to the skin that may last for 24-36 hours.

2018 HydraFacial MD Tower Elite What about that nasty water in the reservoir after a facial?

It is a popular Instagram practice to post pictures of your dirty water after a Hydrafacial.  People love to think that all of the “gunk” came directly out of their pores, however, if you start your treatment with any lotions, creams, sunscreen or make-up on your face, those will all end up in the reservoir.  Even if you start out with a freshly cleansed face, the peel solutions will be sucked into the reservoir, giving it a dirty appearance.  Unfortunately, the suction of the machine does not pull debris from your pores.  The improvements you see in your skin are from increased blood flow (from the suction), the exfoliation and peels, which increase cell turnover and purge the skin.

Representatives of the Edge company describe the device as  a “medical-grade” hydradermabrasion device that carries out a patented three-part regimen-cleansing, exfoliating and infusing with intensive serums”.

First, there is absolutely nothing “medical” about the device.  Anybody can purchase the machine or perform the treatments.  No medical education, advanced training or license is needed so every “med spa”, aesthetician and nail salon can offer it.

Second, just because the company patented their device and regimen doesn’t mean it is better, or even that it works.  There are many ways to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.  Does water do a better job at exfoliating than a brush, sponge, microcrystals or a blade do?   No, although it is certainly more expensive.  Does suction perform “extractions” (remove blackheads and blemishes)?  Again, no.

Third, simply applying serums onto the skin after performing a peel will cause those serums to delve deeper into the skin than they would without having done a peel.  It is not the application process (the Hydrafacial machine) that is causing the serums to penetrate more deeply into the skin, it is the fact that they are being put on the skin immediately after a peel!


2018 HydraFacial MD Tower Elite So Is Hydrafacial worth it?

Hydrafacial is a good treatment, but it is JUST an exfoliating treatment with or without a very mild peel, with a few hundred dollars tacked on to pay for the brand name.  Regular peels will cause tremendous improvements in your skin over time, especially if you do them regularly (we recommend a monthly peel and in 6 months you will see dramatically improved skin)  Regular Hydrafacial treatments are good for your skin, however,  You can do much better for much less.


At Skin Deep Laser MD, we have chosen not to offer Hydrafacials for several reasons.  Our main reason is that we feel that the Hydrafacial is a brilliantly-marketed but overpriced facial.  We can do much better for you, at and a much lower cost.  We feature medical grade peels (with or without microdermabrasion or dermaplaning) which we can customize based on your specific needs.  Our patients get better results, and for a much lower price. Our clients are getting the best treatments for their individual needs, without having to over-pay for marketing and a brand name.


Customers Reviews

  1. Kyle Jonas

    This product is great, it is extremely noticeable, it changes you quickly when it comes to skin tightness and elasticity and collagen synthesis.

    I have received the machine in perfect condition, and everything is working fine

  2. Jeanne Jhonson

    I bought this machine in April 2022. I am waiting until now to see positive results before I post. Here are the improvements:

    – my face is more defined and slimmer
    – skin texture is smoother . Wrinkles are less visible
    – dark spots are fading to 90% with the combination of using this machine and Obagi. I wear less foundation. My mom actually commented the glowing skin as I am writing this review
    – I used the machine on tummy area every other day. So far, I an able to fit into xs. Very happy

    • admin

      Thanks you

  3. Todd W Fletcher

    I have bought HydraFacial from AKAMA KARYA and this machine is very good come with some serum and tips for this machine and also they provide consumables.

    This was really helpful !!! i recommend it

    • admin


  4. Adriana Silvina

    Hii, I and my team recommended this seller, the machine it’s very authentic and this model was a good choice as it came with an FDA safety certification, and certificate Hydrafacial from Edge.

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