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Carestream CS3700 Scanner

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Carestream CS3700 Scanner

Carestream CS3700 Scanner High performance meets ergonomic design for uncompromised scanning in Carestream Dental’s newest intraoral the. The new design of the centers around doctors’ needs and preferences with customer-centric workflows; smart-shade matching; high-speed scanning and processing; and touchscreen capabilities. The scanner is the ideal fit for any state-of-the-art practice, offering exceptional versatility to address restorative, orthodontic, implant-borne prosthetic and sleep device treatments. In fact, the scanner’s new software, CS ScanFlow, lets users select any workflow from a single screen for exceptional convenience and control.

Scanning Efficiency
Carestream CS3700 Scanner 30 second single arch scans (per in vitro testing), 10 fps

Enhanced for average 60% speed improvement over previous version of acquisition software (when appropriate system requirements are met)

Integrated Design Specifications
Carestream CS3700 Scanner Wrist strap, design by Studio F. A. Porsche

Carestream CS3700 Scanner Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Bridges, Dentures, Sleep Apnea Devices, Orthodontic Appliances, Surgical Guides, and Implant-Supported Restorations

Manufacturing (CAM) Options
Direct integration with CS 3100 4-axis milling machine; open architecture allows for milling and/or printing with systems that accept open format datasets

Model Capability
Ability to automatically create a model with a base and export, selection include full, drain and hollow base

Implant Workflow
Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning, which facilitates the merge of a CBCT volume with the scanned dataset for comprehensive implant planning; CS FaceScan with CS 3D Imaging software for the merge of the face scan, CBCT and scanned dataset for comprehensive maxillofacial treatment planning

  • Weight316 g (excluding cable and power box)
  • ResolutionStill image 1024 x 768 pixels, Video: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Image Capture MethodYes, full color HD 3D
  • IlluminationLED: Amber, Blue, Green
  • Computer ConnectionUSB 2.0 High Speed
  • Scan Speed30 single arch scans (per in vitro testing), 10 fps
  • Acquisition MethodActive triangulation with Smart-shade matching via BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) technology
  • Orthodontic AnalysisAdditional modules available, CS Model, CS Model+, and CS FaceScan with CS 3D Imaging software for the merge of the face scan, CBCT and scanned dataset for comprehensive orthodontic treatment planning
  • CAD/CAM Systems AvailableDirect integration with exocad and exocad Chairside CAD, also available for use with open architecture solutions
  • Contrast Medium RequiredNo
  • True Color Image AvailableYes, as both 2D and 3D image plus multi-layer shade information
  • Integrated Battery BackupN/A
  • Lab IntegrationYes, direct integration from acquisition software via CS Connect with complimentary CS MeshViewer for full color viewing
  • Fields of View13 x 13 mm, 13 x 7 mm (posterior tip)


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