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Konica Aero DR 3 Flat Panel

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Konica Aero DR 3 Flat Panel

Konica Aero DR 3 Flat Panel wireless is now available as a 17 x 17 inch plate. The flat panel detector incorporates Konica Minolta’s cesium iodide (CsI) scintillator, which boasts ultra-high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for high-quality images even with minimum X-ray dose exposure. By combining the CsI panel and Konica Minolta’s image processing technology from its top-rated REGIUS systems, assures end users of consistent and reliable high quality imaging. The detector design fits existing wall stands and bucky trays without modifications to help a facility maximize its investment in existing equipment and deliver a universal fit solution.

offers a 100 µm pixel size, the world’s smallest, and can use either 100 µm or 200 µm depending on the imaged body part. It also realizes high DQE while providing high resolution, and achieves DQE 56 % (1 mR, 1 cycle / mm), higher than our conventional model. As the flagship model, this device provides the high level of image quality.

The body uses a highly robust super monocoque structure, which meets the Military Standard of the U.S. Department of Defense (MIL- STD- 810G). Also, the water-resistance rating is IPX6. The load tolerance allows a surface load of 400 kg, point load of 180 kg, and two side support loads of 130 kg. These features make the product safe to use in a wide variety of settings.

Konica Aero DR 3 Flat Panel high resolution 100µm pixel size for excellent image quality. It is the third-generation flagship model of the cassette DR with advanced durability. There is a lineup of three sizes (1717/1417/1012).

  • 100 µm pixel size, High DQE
  • New imaging processing technology “REALISM”
  • Lightweight and robust structure
  • Powered by a lithium ion capacitor
  • Internal access point & Internal storage


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