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T-Scan Novus Occlusal Analysis System

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T-Scan Novus Occlusal Analysis System

T-Scan Novus Occlusal Analysis System is the complete digital occlusal analysis solution helps clinicians to identify premature contacts, high forces, and interrelationship of occlusal surfaces. This important data cannot be captured by traditional, analog occlusal methods, like articulating paper.

Whether eliminating destructive forces on a new restoration, or performing an procedure, T-Scan Novus Occlusal Analysis System helps you balance your patients’ occlusions and reduce costly repeat visits and remakes.

Rapid advancements in technology are shaping the face of digital dentistry. By incorporating another valuable piece of digital technology into your practice, clinicians will enhance patient education and provide a more confident, proactive approach to patient care.

T-Scan Novus Occlusal Analysis System Handpiece plugs into any USB port to capture and transfer data from the T-Scan sensor to the user interface.

  • Record and review scans using only the handpiece for increased chairside efficiency.
  • Standard rate of capturing data up to 500Hz (in Turbo Mode), creating a high resolution, accurate representation of the occlusion.
  • An optional handpiece holder offers clinician’s easier access in their operatory or clinical space.
  • Customizable arch for accurate representation of the patient’s specific arches saves time and allows dentist to easier correlate the data to the mouth
  • Valuable time saved as the clinician can view the data real time as it’s captured, avoiding the need to re-record if done improperly
  • Implant Loading Alerts provides immediate feedback on implant loading that may be a concern, preserving artistry and protecting bone
  • Digital Impression Overlay (DIOallows clinicians to import STL files from intraoral scans, making it easier to see forces on the teeth and correlate the data to the mouth
  • Center of Force (COF) Target and Trajectory allows dentist to instantly see the path of occlusion, resulting in faster diagnosis
  • Utilize the Timing Table to perform discrete tooth comparisons without the need for hand calculations, saving valuable diagnostic time
  • Easily prepare presentations and referrals by generating and saving T-Scan MP4 movie files
  • Tooth numbering: Universal, FDI/ISO, Palmer, Haderup

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