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Erchonia Lunula Laser with FDA Cleared

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Original price was: $14,230.Current price is: $8,120.
Erchonia Lunula Laser with FDA Cleared Erchonia’s low-level lasers, Lunula is held to the highest safety standards and has been tested in the strictest trial conditions for effectiveness and safety

GE Vivid S5 Ultrasound

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Original price was: $12,380.Current price is: $6,910.
GE Vivid S5 Ultrasound Many hospitals and medical establishments, and for good reason. It provides an amazing level of image quality. The overall initial image quality, as well as the available image enhancement capabilities of this machine, gives technicians the tools needed to obtain incredibly accurate information from the raw data

GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound

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Original price was: $11,800.Current price is: $6,870.
GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound Enhance efficiency with 23'' widescreen LED monitor.•Customizable layout to match your workflow needs•Report preview enabling quick view on diagnostic measurements•Image presentation in Standard or XL format allowsyouto see tiny details clearlyOne touch responsiveness. Simplified workflow.•12.1'' touch panel•Auto TGC for quick fine-tuning of images•Efficient menu navigation with swipe technologyQuick and easy 1-button control panel up/down function allows for excellent ergonomics.Probe port illumination.Fast , secure data management for efficient communication.•Integrated Software Digital Video Recorder, including USB recording•Fast USB 3.0 connectivity•Easy DICOM integration•Encrypt image and volume data for secure expo

GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound

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Original price was: $12,230.Current price is: $7,210.
GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound has been integrated similar options, especially for 3D/4D applications and user inferface — 23″ LCD monitor, GE Voluson family looking control panel, and 10.1″ colorful touchscreen. The body design of Voluson S10 is similar to Voluson S series. Transducers are connected by a micro-connector like Voluson S series. GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound is also designed to cover Fetal/OB, abdominal, pediatric, small organ, neonatal and adult cephalic, adult and pediatric cardiac, peripheral vascular, MSK, superficial, transrectral, and transvaginal. helps deliver diagnostic confidence through extraordinary image quality, sophisticated fetal assessment tools, easy-to-use automation tools, all combined in an innovative ergonomic design.

GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound

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Original price was: $13,280.Current price is: $7,950.
GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound is designed for the advanced women’s health practice. Where complex cases are the rule, not the exception. Where you resolve difficult diagnostic questions on a daily basis. Where patients come to you for confident answers. GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound is based on the innovative Radiance System Architecture that sets new standards in Imaging Performance* by providing spectacular 2D and 3D/4D images; excellent penetration for your technically difficult exams; new volume imaging tools and advanced applications to help you address difficult cases. The Voluson E10 also supports GE's next generation of HDliveTM – HDlive Silhouette and HDlive Flow – the images are truly extraordinary!
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