Our company ( laksamanakarya.com ) guarantees that the orders that our customers will buy are in normal conditions and are ready to be use.

If a Product is believed defective within the applicable warranty period, contact Company customer service. If the Company ( laksamanakarya.com ) is unable to make local repairs in the case of instruments, then, after receiving authorization, the Product shall be returned, at the Customer’s expense to the Company. The Company’s sole liability and the Customer’s exclusive remedy for a breach of this warranty is limited to the repair, replacement, or refund at the sole option of the Company.

The Company ( laksamanakarya.com ) shall have no liability under any of these warranties in respect of any defect in the Product arising from: (a) alteration, modification, damage or repair of the Product by someone other than Company; (b) damage to the Product due to use contrary to any instruction manual, operator’s manual, package insert or oral instructions provided by the Company; (c) damage to the Product due to the use of equipment not manufactured, supplied or approved by the Company; (d) abnormal working conditions at the Customer’s premises; or (e) willful damage or negligence of the Customer or its employees or agents.

Party company ( laksamanakarya.com ) will choose the shipping method and carrier to be used, unless otherwise agreed in writing. All delivery dates and costs are estimates. Shipping, packing, and insurance costs are prepaid and added to the invoice. Additional fees may be charged for special packaging requested by the Customer or deemed necessary by the Company. In case of damage during transit, the Company recommends that the Customer retain all packaging materials and contact the shipping carrier and notify the Company immediately.

The Company shall in no event be liable for any personal injury or property damage or any other loss, damage, cost of repair or indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages of any kind, whether based upon warranty, contract, strict liability, negligence or any other cause of action, arising out of sale, installation, use or inability to use the Product or their use by any person, including, without limitation, lss of profits, business interruption, damages to the Customer’s business reputation or any costs incurred in replacing related materials.

Prices are subject to change without notice, this issue only applies if the seller and buyer have not agreed on a final binding price. All prices that we have agreed upon (the seller and the buyer) have included taxes, shipping costs, insurance fees, customs fees and other levies.

This warranty is governed by the laws of the Indonesia, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws, and applicable Indonesia federal law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply. YOU AGREE TO SUBMIT ANY CLAIM, DISPUTE, OR CONTROVERSY (REGARDLESS OF THE FORM OR TYPE OF ACTION) AGAINST US TO ARBITRATION ADMINISTERED BY THE NATIONAL ARBITRATION FORUM UNDER ITS CODE OF PROCEDURE THEN IN EFFECT. Except to the extent otherwise required by law, you agree that the arbitration proceedings.

Any claim for breach of this limited warranty must be commenced by within (3) months following the original purchase of the device.

Unless modified in a writing signed by both parties, these warranty terms, conditions and limitations are understood to be the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties, superseding all prior agreements and representations, oral or written, and all other communications between the parties relating to the subject matter of these warranty terms. No employee of LAKSAMANA KARYA or any other party (including without limitation distributors, dealers, and retailers) is authorized to make any warranty in addition to those made herein.

As used in this contract, “we” and “us” refers to LAKSAMANA KARYA. “You” refers to the original purchaser of the device. A waiver of strict compliance with any term herein shall not be deemed a continuing waiver or waive any other terms or conditions. We shall be excused from performance to the extent of any delay or inability to perform arising due to weather events, disasters, acts of terror, governmental action or regulation, labor or materials shortages or disputes, or other circumstances not under our control. If any term herein is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, then such term shall be ignored.