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Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis

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Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis

With this option, the revolutionary Synchro technique can be added whenever you choose to your. The Synchro radio frequency is very effective for deeply rooted, stubborn hair . Its simultaneous application of a hundred or so 27MHz picopulses, of less than .002 second each, can intensely destroy all germ cells located between the bulb and the bulge of the hair follicle. The Synchro+ option also includes a set of programs for the different body areas according to the depth and size of the hair. These programs will insure comfortable, safe and effective treatments

Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis  Ultrarapid Frequency
The world-exclusive design of the uses an ultrarapid 27 MHz radio frequency to permanently and rapidly eliminate all hair types of any color. works twice as fast as any other epilator by optimizing energy concentration in the hair follicle. The cells responsible for hair growth are more rapidly coagulated, resulting in incomparable effectiveness and comfort.

Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis

Unrivalled Comfort
Your clients will not hesitate to ask for more treatments because the offers unprecedented comfort in permanent hair removal.
Using state-of-the-art technology, the 27 MHz radio frequency is so swift and concentrated that treatments are much more comfortable as compared
to conventional thermolysis and electrolysis. The age of ultra comfortable electrolysis is finally here.

Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis

Easy To Use
The adaptable to all situations. It includes 550 programs covering each body area and every type of hair. In just seconds, the programs guide electrologists through the configuration of treatment parameters for each of the selected modes. also offers an automatic function to convert these programs for use with insulated probes. Regardless of the body area and hair type you treat, or the probe you use, the programs will provide you with optimal performance at all times.Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysi

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