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Condor Intraoral 3D Scanner

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Condor Intraoral 3D Scanner

Condor Intraoral 3D Scanner is making CAD/CAM dentistry about more than replacing alginate. It’s about providing better care, from diagnosis to restoration. Life-like color scans help you see your patient in ways no other technology can. The open .stl file lets you collaborate with any lab in the world. All with the smallest intra-oral scanner on the planet. Dig deeper and get acquainted with the software-driven scanner that is making digital dentistry a reality.

Condor Intraoral 3D Scanner is an easy to use system which creates full color 3D files that replicates your patients anatomy.
– Ideal of everyday use.
– perfect shade matching.
– Open STL. to send to your lab.
– Reliable hardware components
– Free software upgrades.

Condor Intraoral 3D Scannerv Features:
– Ease of use and handling: A very compact ready-to-use scanner system that works with a stroke of a “pen”. Ease of handling: ability to scan in all positions and all directions.
– Reliability: Limits sources of errors and offers consistent quality. Unchangeable and archivable digital data.
– Unparalleled precision and practicality: 3D renderings directly in actual colours (TrueColors technology)
– Time saving: Simplified work resulting in a shortened care session. A system without powdering enhances accuracy for the practitioner and patient comfort.
– No more impression equipment to prepare, no more designs to cast, cut or split.
– File transfers made easy, Condor provides an open system: sends ply and stl files
– Profitability: Eliminates costs associated with preparing, taking and shipping traditional impressions. Cast-free working method promotes cost cutting.

To complete your understanding of what makes Condor so different from previous intra-oral scanners, we’ve gathered an overview that outlines the main advantages of our software-driven scanner.

  • Hyper-realistic colors for diagnostic purposes.
  • Affordable price point without license fees.
  • Ever-improving software available for free.

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