Edge System Haydrafacial MD Tower


It’s real. Clients do see an immediate “glow” to their skin post-facial.  However, it is temporary.  It is a result of the suction from the vacuuming process bringing good blood flow to the skin and will last a few hours.  You can get the same effect from a workout or brisk walk.  If a patient receives the peel portion, that process can give a lovely glow to the skin that may last for 24-36 hours.

What about that nasty water in the reservoir after a facial?

It is a popular Instagram practice to post pictures of your dirty water after a Hydrafacial.  People love to think that all of the “gunk” came directly out of their pores, however, if you start your treatment with any lotions, creams, sunscreen or make-up on your face, those will all end up in the reservoir.  Even if you start out with a freshly cleansed face, the peel solutions will be sucked into the reservoir, giving it a dirty appearance.  Unfortunately, the suction of the machine does not pull debris from your pores.  The improvements you see in your skin are from increased blood flow (from the suction), the exfoliation and peels, which increase cell turnover and purge the skin.



Edge System Haydrafacial MD Tower

Edge System Haydrafacial MD Tower is the brand name for a device from Edge Systems, LLC.   It combines 2 aesthetic standard treatments:  dermabrasion and a very, very light chemical peel.  While it does add a new twist to dermabrasion, it is essentially just an exfoliating treatment with the option of adding a very light peel… and a LOT of expensive marketing.

Edge System Haydrafacial MD Tower The new twist is how the dermabrasion is done.  Dermabrasion simply means exfoliation of the skin, or abrasion of the dermis.  This process removes older, inactive, “dead” cells from the surface of the skin, frequently giving the skin a smoother feel and fresher, less “dull” appearance.  It often allows for smoother application of cosmetics and better penetration of skin care products.

Edge System Haydrafacial MD Tower Dermabrasion has taken many forms through the years, both as professional and at-home treatments, and new versions have often gained serious momentum as the newest fad in anti-aging.  We have seen everything from dermabrasion with a soft brush, a rough loofah-like sponge (the “Buff-Puff”), a grainy over-the-counter scrub with ground-up apricot pits (St. Ives Apricot Scrub – By the way, please, please don’t use this on your face!  You might as well tear into your skin with industrial sand paper), expensive automatic rotating brushes (Mia, Clarisonic, etc) and more.  Professional, in office treatments have taken the forms of microdermabrasion; using a rotating tip or tiny crystals and suction to remove dead cells.

A more recent version is called “dermaplaning”, which uses a sterile surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface of the skin. (Dermaplaning has the added benefit of removing the fine vellus hairs from the face)

Edge System Haydrafacial MD Tower company has come up with the latest twist on microdermabrasion, and they call it “Hydradermabrasion”, or “Vortex technology”.    What previous technology does with crystals, Hydrafacial does with jets of water and suction.  The machine shoots jets of water at the skin and vacuums it back off into a reservoir.   Does water do a better job at exfoliating than a brush, sponge, microcrystals or a blade do?   No, although it is certainly more expensive.

If a peel is to be included, it will follow the exfoliation/suction process.  A different tip is placed on the machine and very light, generic chemical peel solution is applied to the face, then immediately removed  This light peel is so gentle that most clients will not see any peeling at all, but when done regularly, will cause improvement in all skin issues with time.


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