Konica Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound


  • Superior Image Quality (T2HI)
  • Greater portability
  • Innovative design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) technology


Konica Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound

Konica Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound Point-of-Care system inherits a DNA of innovation from the higher-end model SONIMAGE HS1. The system delivers advanced technologies that ensure superior image quality and efficient workflow – all with exceptional value.

Intuitive Operation

Konica Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound Customizable touchscreen with the five most frequently used keys allows you to facilitate superior workflow and improve efficiency and throughput.

Cradle (Cable stress free)

Cradle, a mounting platform for MX1, allows you to hand-carry the system without insertion and removal of AC power/USB cable. It can be mounted on the cart with VESA and enables you to charge the battery when you put the system back.

MPA, a function unique to Konica Minolta, enables you to change multiple image parameters like frequency and turn trapezoid on in conjunction with depth change. It reduces unnecessary key strokes to optimize the image and increase throughput.

Dual Sonic, Konica Minolta’s unique technology, uses a unique transmitting algorithm which can transmit two waveforms depending on the focusing depth.

In combination with T2HI technology, it forms the high quality of THI signal around the center of ultrasound beam in the receiving area. As a result, it suppresses the acoustic noise to ensure the optimum image from deep area to superficial.


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