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Lutronic Advantage Laser

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Lutronic Advantage Laser

Physicians appreciate the speed of the system ADVANTAGE. Using a laser window of large size with a high repetition rate will ensure quick treatments. ADVANTAGE is up to 40% faster than other systems available on the market while still providing a high efficacy. This allows the user personnel to complete in a short time their treatments.

Features Lutronic Advantage Laser:

• Treatment times reduced
• Best experience for the patient
• Profits more
• Treat all skin types
• No need for consumables

The laser window in contact with the patient compresses and cools the skin before, during and after treatment.

Optimized Hair removal

Lutronic Advantage provides the energy needed to reduce the pulse width while offering higher fluence, thus allowing very effective treatments.

• Pulse width adjustable
• Improved efficiency
• Faster Treatments

Lutronic Advantage Laser This is the first laser system to integrate adjustable pulse width control with a large spot chilled compression tip. Built with speed, efficacy and comfort as the foundation, the is the cost-effective choice for a dependable laser hair removal system.

– Reduce treatment times; Increase profits
– Adjustable pulse durations
– Two 805 nm spot sizes: 10 x 30 mm & 10 x 10 mm
– FDA cleared for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI
– Portable platform
– No disposables, minimal consumable

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