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Gendex DenOptix QST Dental

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Product details

Gendex DenOptix QST Dental Delivers maximum productivity, unmatched flexibility and superior reliability

  • Clean, fast, chemical free digital processing
  • Reliable, consistent digital image output
  • Improved patient comfort with wireless, flexible and thin imaging plates
  • Positions like film and delivers ease of integration
  • Delivers digital imaging to entire practice in one simple, economical step

Gendex DenOptix QST Dental provides maximum productivity for busy offices with its easy installation and minimum staff training. The decision to go digital offers offices the perfect opportunity to replace inefficient and cumbersome film processing. Benefits include:

  • Decreased processing time and duplication time
  • Significant cost and time savings- no more film processor maintenance and repair
  • Improved customer satisfaction-offers consistent and highly diagnostic images each time

Gendex DenOptix QST Dental offers not only excellent image quality and fast digital scanning but also delivers the flexibility to practice dentistry in the way that most offices want. DenOptix QST is uniquely designed to scan multiple images in seconds in the most popular intraoral and extraoral sizes in one single step.

Gendex DenOptix QST Dental

  • Easy to position wireless plates provide patients with greater comfort
  • Ability to use existing X-ray investment Simultaneous scan of intraoral and extraoral plates
  • Unique flexibility to upgrade from an intraoral only system to an extraoral and intraoral system
  • Plates are available in a complete range of sizes including panoramic and cephalometric

Technical Data

Interface cables: USB 2.0
Voltage: 100-240 V. AC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 100 watts maximum
Laser Classification: Compliance per DHHS radiation performance standards 21 CFR. Ch.1. Subch.J: EN60825-1 Class 1 Laser device
Weight (empty): 15 kg/32 lbs

Computer Recommendation

CPU speed: 2.4 GHz Pentium IV or higher
Operating system: Windows XP PRO
RAM: 256+ MB
USB port (required): USB 2.0
Hard drive: 40+ GB
Monitor: 17″ with 0.25 mm dot pitch
Video display adapter: 8 + MB RAM
Display setting: 1024 X 768 true color

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